Here’s a partial list of things I’m working on.

Professional Stuff

I work at ESPN and my teams contribute to a number of products there, including itself, ESPN Cricinfo, and other sites and mobile apps. You can click on the LinkedIn icon in the footer to get more details.


Here are a few things I’m playing with:

  • FatMixx: My personal blog for non-technical/developer stuff. It used to be a group blog and has existed since before WordPress was a thing (it ran on WordPress’s grandparent or great grandparent – I can’t quite remember)

  • Things I Learned This Week: My newsletter with things to read for technology industry or industry adjacent smart folks. Very little developer talk. Mostly about things that are interesting that intersect with tech, India, and building products.

  • ChromaticLove: A simple hack to get familiar with running Node in production. It takes photos from three popular places and provides a single API to interact with all of them. I used to use it to feature photos on FatMixx.

Open Source

I tend to contribute by fixing bugs on other peoples’ projects, but here are a few things I’ve written. Mostly small utilities that aren’t used by many people.

  • node-flickr: a node.js client for the Flickr API that supports oAuth.
  • localtunnel-proxy: a way to get requests routed properly when using the localtunnel gem.
  • node-push-helper: a set of helper methods if you’re implementing a PubSubHubbub (PuSH) endpoint.